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AISC Certified

Why use an aisc-certified company?

Committed to Quality as the Highest Priority!

GDI has earned the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Standard for Steel Building Structures Certification.  Only 5% of all steel fabricators in the entire Western U.S. hold this certification!

AISC Certification sets the quality standard for the steel industry and is the most recognized national quality certification program for the structural steel industry.  GDI has passed a rigorous evaluation and is subject to annual reviews.  Certification confirms that we have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures and commitment to produce the required quality of work for structural steel fabrication.

Benefits of AISC Certification to Our Customers:

  • Member companies are committed to quality and willing to subject themselves to outside review to foster continuous improvement
  • Auditors reviewing member company facilities have consulted hundreds of structural steel fabrication plants for quality improvement, ensuring that member companies are on the forefront of quality assurance
  • Member companies are familiar with quality systems and dedicate considerable resources to implement quality plans
  • GDI believes it is essential to keep stringent AISC standards in place to provide the highest quality product for its customers, minimize response time, minimize its on-site inventory, and provide a safe and effective workplace for its employees.

Don't Waive Certification

See the attached document and read about why you shouldn't waive AISC certification.

File Sharing and Social Networking for the Design & Construction Industry

steelTOOLS is a free online community that allows designers to post, download, and exchange useful files and software utilities. Sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction, you can create a steelTOOLS.org profile and network with other users on the site, post messages about the files others have posted, and discuss topics relevant to the design and construction of steel buildings.

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