Fully Automated Fabrication Capabilities

AISC Certified

Structural Steel Design Build Project Team

Save Money - Less Headaches - Fast Schedule - Less Risk

Our entire team's dedication has enabled GDI to develop exceptionally successful quality, productivity and safety initiatives--programs which yield both human and economic benefits for customers and employees alike.  Our commitment to safety and a recognized quality assurance program provide our customers exceptional production and service quality on an accelerated schedule (see graphic below).

  • Value engineering early in the project life cycle: As a certified AISC member, we have access to engineering support that examines conceptual drawings and provides value-engineering recommendations at no extra cost.
  • Assume total responsibility for Structural Steel
  • Complete cost, schedule, and scope definition from the very beginning
  • Communications facilitated between the engineer, detailer, fabricator, and erector
  • Team members share critical design data using the latest interoperable digital technology.
  • General Contractor does not have to serve as a messenger between parties.
  • Significantly fewer RFI’s, shop submittals, and change orders for GC to process.
  • Shop drawings produced as design proceeds, no approval process, fabrication overlaps design.
  • Seamless transfer from modeling, to detailing to CNC automated fabrication equipment.
  • Erection starts as soon as the foundation is in place.
  • Coordination means accurate fabrication and less time on site for the erector.
  • Maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and erection
  • Support LEED Projects



Delivering a Quality Project at a Fair Cost and on an Accelerated Schedule

Our mission is to provide unmatched steel expertise, enhancing the reputation and profitability of our contractor partners.