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GDI specializes in liquid applied coatings with a technologically advanced blast system, state of the art paint equipment, and processing completed in an environmentally controlled and certified paint facility.

In our 25′ x 16′ x 45′ paint facility, we can prime and finish coat all custom steel fabrications per project specifications or to our customer’s unique specifications. We have a complete range of inspection equipment and provide a full time inspector on staff to periodically monitor progress, from preparation through final coating application. Source inspection and third party inspection is also available.

With a staff of highly skilled and trained employees, GDI has the capability to ensure expert application of industrial coating systems for structural and miscellaneous steel.

Coating Process:

  • Pre Job Notification: GDI establishes schedule requirements and timing with the customer, and reviews any issues requiring special attention.
  • Receiving QC: All delivered materials are checked to verify they meet project specifications prior to starting the coating process.
  • Pre Inspection: GDI QC staff checks to see that all product is free of oil, grease, dirt, sharp edges, fins and other foreign contaminants.
  • Post Blast Inspection: All product is inspected by our industry certified QC staff to verify that all surfaces are prepared to customer and industry specifications.
  • Coating Process Inspection: QC Staff and applicators are trained to monitor environmental and dry film thickness throughout the application process.
  • Post Application Inspection: Our QC Staff will inspect every product to ensure that all coating thickness requirements are met and that our finished product is uniform in appearance.
  • Outgoing Inspection: GDI QC staff and yard crews work simultaneously to ensure that no damage is allowed on product leaving our facility.

Additional Value added Features:

  • Our facilities are equipped with infra-red heat for proper environmental conditions during inclement weather.
  • Surface preparation equipment – centrifugal blast cleaning machine and state of the art hand tool equipment.
  • Application equipment – airless and air assisted spray equipment, including state of the art plural component spray equipment.
  • Overhead cranes – effectively handle any and all types of products to be coated with a minimum of surface contact.

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